Pampilhosa do Botão gas station opens its new Bluemarket store


Alves Bandeira, inaugurated its new Bluemarket store in Pampilhosa do Botão! This gas station was remodeled to include the new store concept, initially implemented in Albergaria-a-Velha in the year 2020, that since then has been established in several fuel stations from north to south of Portugal.


The new concept of the Bluemarket convenience store presents itself as the ideal space to have breakfast or to eat a quick meal, with the possibility of benefiting from free WI-FI service and a pleasant terrace.


This remodeling allowed to include a greater diversity of items, in addition to the traditional convenience products (press, lubricants, gas, auto accessories), provides a quality cafeteria and pastry service, a set of opportunity products at competitive prices (wines, electronics, bazaar, among others) and even began to test the new concept of grocery store (food oils, flours, detergents, among others).


The fuel station operates daily from 07h00 to 22h00 and allows the use of the habitual loyalty cards: AB Fleet, AB Vantagem, and Solred AB. Also worth mentioning is the complete line of simple and additive fuels (Extreme+) provided at this station, the eligibility of supplies for the reimbursement of professional diesel, and its new parking area for its customers.


This station is part of the network of more than 160 posts of Alves Bandeira from north to south of the country, thus strengthening its position in the market as one of the largest national operators.


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Pampilhosa do Botão gas station opens its new Bluemarket store